Kayden Marcella || 21 || Adam Brody || Open

  • Occupation: Student at Chicago University — Architecture Major
  • Secret: I slept with a teacher from high school so I could pass my senior year. She was fired and moved, and now I discovered she has a child. 


Kayden Marcella was the first born into his perfect family and was expected to come out with only the best in life. Being the first son in his family of six, he was given the chance of much greater things. Being told that he would one day take his father’s place, help work along with his cousin Dante in the family business and excel in so many great things in life. It was much to his parents surprise, when their precious boy, actually didn’t care for the life they led. Unlike many children he had been ‘associated’ with, Kayden didn’t want to get dressed up and go attend some big party with five star dining and  fancy champagne. He was quite the opposite from being a social butterfly, and made damn sure his parents knew that. Never quite fitting in with the ‘It’ crowd, or known as the Elite, he found other things to do with his time. Steering far far away from sports he only wanted to focous on things like video games, and school. Which is exactly that he did with the majority of his time. He was the straight A student, the nerd, with an absolute perfect GPA and excellent extracurricular activities on his belt. But it was his obsession with getting perfect grades and going on to college to major in Architect had landed him at the complete bottom on the social scale. And when it came to all his cousins and parents thinking there was something wrong, he knew he had to do something different. Deciding to cave in and make them happy, Kayden changed. Going to parties, even attending prom with his friend Harper and slowly fading away from his perfect academic life. It was when his grade declined drastically that he got worried. Trying to bring it back up, just to pass to make the cut. He soon found himself in a tricky situation with his very young and lovely math teacher. Sleeping with her to make an A, he passed highschool and was out of there.


Getting accepted into Chicago University for Architect, he was more than excited to start his year off with a fresh start. Of course his pass haunted him when he discovered his Math teacher was fired for sleeping with a student — him. She vanished from the windy city and was off to somewhere new. Completely forgetting about her, Kayden moved on with his life and focused on school and his future life. He even decided that he would work for the family business as an architect and help design buildings around the city and for future restaurants. His life had begun to seem almost picture perfect, even him and his bestfriend, Harper Devereaux were quickly becoming close. He had completely fallen for her and was planning to tell her before tragedy struck in his life. Discovering from rumours that his old high school teacher, had a child who was now three years old. Everyone in the city knew it was the student, but what had yet to be released was that it was his. Being stuck in the middle of a lie of three years, school and being head over heels in love with his best friend he isn’t quite sure what he plans to do. 


Kayden marcella is possibly one of the most sincere guys you could ever come across. With a genuine heart and a big smile, he’s the type of guy to make your day ten times better just by being in his presence. Of course, getting anywhere near kayden can be quite a challenge. Far from being like his siblings, or family in general, he isn’t much of a people person. The lavish parties, and such are certainly not his thing and he prefers to spend the majority of his time away and alone. Of course there have been a few who snuck their way in, and when someone happens to do that Kayden treats them with respect and make sure they are happy. In general, he is one of the most honest and relaxed people you could ever meet, unless you catch him in one of his awkward moment or phases. He’s the type you want to keep close and never let go due to the fact of him being such an amazing friend. Most of all, Kayden hates drama. The feuding between the families is nothing but a nuisance to him and he much rather stray away from it all than be caught up in some mess that makes no sense at all to him.


  • Brother to — Stephan, Amelia, Nickolas.
  • Haprer Devereaux — Bestfriend/Crush.
  • Cousin to — Sophia, Daniella, Vincent, Dante, Anthony, Riley.
  • Savannah Devereaux — Friend
  • Derrek Kensington — Friend

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